Journey in weightloss


So I started this journey two weeks ago.  Some days good, some days bad.  I have found that I need more than just the “diet”.  I need much more.  Self awareness is one thing I have decided I have to focus more on.  I also have decided that stress really plays a key role in my cravings.  I’ve decided blogging/journal may also be a good step.  Motivational articles, information related to the diet I am on, exercise, stress reduction techniques, recipesMy dream spot

Ok so I am on a vlcd, or very low calorie diet.  I started first 2 weeks on just shakes.  7 a day, 100 cal.  Nutri med. Cheated the first week and lost 3.8 pounds, did not cheat the 2nd week and lost 2.5 lbs.   Go figure.  So now I have changed to 5 shakes and one high protein meal a day.  We will see how this works for 2 weeks, then re-evaluate.

Observations:   I need to drink more water for sure.  Get up and move!  Stress reduction, my life at work and home is ridiculous!

Ok, so now I have switched to keyboard and typing is much easier.  Now I have to figure out all of the details of linking sites to blog, etc…