The Shotgun at the Market


Interesting perspective


I was grilling some burgers and hotdogs for my family on Thursday, and I ran up to the supermarket because I needed more buns, some potato salad, and other things that I never remember I ran out of the last time I had a cookout. I drove the three blocks to the market, hopped out of my car and was greeted by the sight of a middle-aged white man strapping a shotgun on his back and walking into the market just ahead of me. My initial reaction was irritation. Why is this guy bringing an apparently loaded firearm into the grocery store at 6pm on a Friday? Is he trying to intimidate people? Trying to make a political point? I wanted to go to the store manager and register a complaint, but I found it hard to call up my rational objections to carrying loaded guns in public places (objections…

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The Double Casket of Thomas & Mary Souder


The Chirurgeon's Apprentice

PM15I remember rummaging through an old trunk in my grandmother’s house when I was a child and coming across what seemed to me at the time a very unusual photograph. It was a monochromatic image of a beautiful, young woman lying in a white casket (not dissimilar to the photo on the left).

Curious, I plucked the photo from the trunk and went to find my grandma, who was parked at the kitchen table sorting through the piles of mail that inevitably found its way into her house everyday. She told me that the woman in the casket was a distant relative of mine named Lena, who had died tragically at the age of 17. “You know, people used to take photos of the dead back then,” she said, taking the picture from me and studying it closely as if she had never seen it before. “Imagine that,” she remarked…

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I wonder why…..


I went to school because I wanted to be a nurse. I had no clue. I was excited. Wanted to cure everyone. What I learned very quickly was that not everyone is able to be fixed. Not everyone wants to be fixed. Everyone but them may want them to be fixed. Some people are ready to die. Over the years, I’ve seen so much, questioned so much, worried so much all about others. Those who want to live the most seem to die, those who abuse themselves, their bodies and are careless and don’t care, live forever. I use to immerse myself in their lives, their feelings and thank god I have learned to pull back from doing that or I’d never have survived.

Journey in weightloss


So I started this journey two weeks ago.  Some days good, some days bad.  I have found that I need more than just the “diet”.  I need much more.  Self awareness is one thing I have decided I have to focus more on.  I also have decided that stress really plays a key role in my cravings.  I’ve decided blogging/journal may also be a good step.  Motivational articles, information related to the diet I am on, exercise, stress reduction techniques, recipesMy dream spot

Ok so I am on a vlcd, or very low calorie diet.  I started first 2 weeks on just shakes.  7 a day, 100 cal.  Nutri med. Cheated the first week and lost 3.8 pounds, did not cheat the 2nd week and lost 2.5 lbs.   Go figure.  So now I have changed to 5 shakes and one high protein meal a day.  We will see how this works for 2 weeks, then re-evaluate.

Observations:   I need to drink more water for sure.  Get up and move!  Stress reduction, my life at work and home is ridiculous!

Ok, so now I have switched to keyboard and typing is much easier.  Now I have to figure out all of the details of linking sites to blog, etc…